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Color Grading Reel 

At mQube, we demonstrate the transformative power of expert Color Grading and its crucial role in storytelling. Our experienced team harnesses the nuances of color science to enhance the visual narrative, ensuring that each frame not only captures the viewer's attention but also vividly conveys the intended emotional and thematic tones. By meticulously balancing hues and contrasts, we create visuals that resonate deeply with audiences and bring your creative vision to life.

Our commitment at mQube is to deliver outstanding visual quality that exceeds your expectations. With decades of color grading experience, we ensure every project achieves its potential through precision and artistic insight. Whether you're aiming to evoke subtle emotions or make a bold statement, trust our experts to refine your visuals with the perfect color palette that enhances every scene, delivering results that are both beautiful and technically impeccable.

EsemPlast Avinya (PlastFocus @ Delhi - An After-Event Film)

ESEMPLAST AVINYA, an Ahmedabad based Industrial Machinery manufactures, wanted the best of the best to capture their participation in PlastFocus, an industrial event organized from February 1st - 5th, 2024 in Delhi. mQube was chosen as their preferred partner to create a class-apart video with stunning visuals, captivating music and deliver the best results. Here are the results!

heART Show 2022 (After Event Film)

Embark on a visual journey through the heART Show, an annual art beacon from Ahmedabad, India, captured in the compelling frames of this mQube after-film. Hundreds of artists ignite the event with their talent, meticulously arranged by the Coffee with Creativity team. Since 2020, the event has pulsated with mQube's music, creating a harmonious fusion of art forms. Step into this vibrant canvas of last year's spectacle and feel the heartbeats of creativity.

Visity (App)

The dynamic promotional video for Visity, orchestrated by mQube, encapsulates the elegance and efficiency of the innovative QR-based check-in app. Utilizing an adept cast, strategic storyboarding, and top-notch post-production techniques, it provides a compelling narrative of this digital revolution. Complemented by a custom soundtrack, the video punctuates Visity's modern essence. A powerful visual narrative marks its launch, placing Visity as a trailblazer in the digital check-in sphere.

The Story of Nirav Shah

Charting the remarkable journey of Nirav Shah, this video is a masterstroke by mQube, showcasing their comprehensive storytelling expertise, from research to final production. The narrative unfurls Nirav's life - from silver-spoon beginnings, career successes, personal and financial crises, to eventual resurgence. Intertwining with his wife Neha's triumph over health challenges and their son Nihar's unique upbringing, it culminates in their collective resilience and re-establishment of diverse businesses. Enriching lives beyond personal confines, Nirav's mentorship initiatives are also emphasized. An epitome of mQube's adept storytelling, this video is an ode to resilience and resurgence.

Rushin Bhatt (Piano Covers)

Experience the musical mastery of pianist Rushin Bhatt in this captivating cover of Yanni's "Into the Deep Blue," a project brought to life by mQube's comprehensive production prowess. From the careful audio recording that captures the subtleties of Bhatt's performance, through the visually immersive video shoot, to the meticulous editing process, mQube has flawlessly encapsulated the musician's talent. Released on YouTube, this exquisite piece is just one of multiple piano covers performed by the artist, offering viewers a journey into the depths of auditory delight. Find more of Bhatt's inspiring performances on his dedicated artist channel.