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From consultation to cinematography, sound design to digital imaging, mQube offers a complete range of services to bring your creative vision to life. Our team excels in:

Pre-production planning and visualization, including storyboarding and cinematography consultation.

Cutting-edge shoot and production services, backed by the latest technology.

Comprehensive post-production capabilities, from video editing and color grading to sound design and special effects.

Full-scale artist services, including music video production, licensing, and content placement.

Advanced AI content services and digital asset management, setting new standards in content creation and distribution.

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Why Choose mQube?

Comprehensive Expertise: Whether you're in the planning stages or putting the final polish on your project, our full spectrum of services, including consultation, production, post-production, and artist services, our team ensures your vision is realized without compromise.

Technological Prowess: Leveraging the latest in production technology and AI content services, we push the boundaries of what's possible, offering solutions that are not just creative but cutting edge.

Creative Excellence: Our team of industry veterans brings together a wealth of experience and a passion for storytelling, ensuring that each project is not just completed but brought to life in a way that resonates with audiences worldwide.

Personalized Service: At mQube, we believe in the power of partnership. From our first consultation to the final delivery, we work closely with you to ensure your project exceeds expectations, every step of the way.

mQube refeel 

The days when you needed to purchase each piece of music / media that you needed are gone! In the 21st century, music & media is a service.

Get the best music and media for your project needs through blanket licencing! For a monthly / yearly fee, you get access to unlimited media content that you can use royalty free in any of your projects!

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Our clients at mQube

Client Works & Portfolio Highlight

Color Grading Reel 

At mQube, we demonstrate the transformative power of expert Color Grading and its crucial role in storytelling. Our experienced team harnesses the nuances of color science to enhance the visual narrative, ensuring that each frame not only captures the viewer's attention but also vividly conveys the intended emotional and thematic tones. By meticulously balancing hues and contrasts, we create visuals that resonate deeply with audiences and bring your creative vision to life.

Our commitment at mQube is to deliver outstanding visual quality that exceeds your expectations. With decades of color grading experience, we ensure every project achieves its potential through precision and artistic insight. Whether you're aiming to evoke subtle emotions or make a bold statement, trust our experts to refine your visuals with the perfect color palette that enhances every scene, delivering results that are both beautiful and technically impeccable.

EssemPlast AVINYA -  PlastFocus Event Video 

ESEMPLAST AVINYA, an Ahmedabad based Industrial Machinery manufactures, wanted the best of the best to capture their participation in PlastFocus, an industrial event organized in February, 2024 in Delhi. mQube was chosen as their preferred partner to create a class-apart video with stunning visuals, captivating music and deliver the best results. Here are the results!

The clear guidelines of expected video quality and style were exceeded by an astounding margin, and the whole project finished well under the target deadline. The client also received social media content, premade for them, along with raw data to continue the social media strategy using our shoot data. 

Who doesn't love a delighted client, right?

heART Show 2022

heART Show, a regular event organized by Coffee with Creativity group, usually spans for 3 days, and witnesses over a hundred participants of various categories of visual arts, who showcase their works of passion & talent. The event, usually organized in art galleries and surrounding area of the CEPT University Campus, Ahmedabad (India), is accompanied by music and live painting zones. Team mQube handles its live music, along with post production of after show movies, and other promotional content that require professional touch.

Have a glimpse into the last year's event, and check the event video prepared by Team mQube.

Oont Kahe by RAME - a rap-reincarnation of classical Gujarati poem.

Oont Kahe, a captivating Gujarati rap rendition of the renowned poem by Kavishwar Dalpatram CIE, has taken social media by storm as it celebrates its one-year anniversary. This unique musical creation by RAME not only pays homage to the classical Oont Kahe, but also infuses it with additional lyrics, groovy music, and an exceptional rap performance by the talented Ronak Raval, also known as RAME. The song originally debuted on 21st June 2019 and garnered immense appreciation from its listeners.

The accompanying music video is a delightful treat for the eyes, featuring the young generation dressed in animal costumes. Shot and directed in a single day by Ronak Raval , Darshit Nayak and the mQube Team, the video underwent meticulous editing for about 10 days at mQube, resulting in a visually stunning production. The audience, as well as local radio jockeys and newspapers, showered the video with applause, recognizing its creativity and charm.

Bharatiya - A Song About Being Indian

"Bharatiya" - a profound Hindi song that resonates with the essence of India, released on the momentous occasion of Independence Day in 2017. This remarkable composition stands as a significant milestone for mQube as its very first video song production.

With the artistic collaboration of Akshat Tiwari, famously known as Gulsuppaguy, the song was brought to life through a seamless fusion of visuals captured in two vibrant cities - Ahmedabad and Kanpur. The video beautifully transitions through the diverse faces of Indians, embodying the spirit of unity amidst the country's rich tapestry of cultures.

"Bharatiya" encompasses an exceptional creative process, where the lyrics, vocals, and music are the handiwork of RAME, the acclaimed artist Ronak Raval. His evocative words mirror the collective consciousness of India, celebrating the harmonious coexistence of its people, transcending the boundaries of diversity.

As you immerse yourself in this audio-visual masterpiece, prepared to be captivated by the seamless blend of melodic brilliance and thought-provoking imagery. "Bharatiya" serves as a heartfelt tribute to the indomitable spirit of India, and its message of unity and oneness echoes throughout the nation. Experience the sheer power of music as it unites millions, and join us on this extraordinary journey of patriotism and cultural harmony.

Joyu Jashe - Tejas Vora / Ronak Raval - a tale of neverending dreams.

Joyu Jashe, a soul-stirring Gujarati song, encapsulates the creative genius of Tejas Vora, who has masterfully written, composed, and sung this captivating piece. Produced and brought to life by the talented Ronak Raval at mQube, this musical gem was unveiled to the world in 2018.

The song derives its essence from the phrase "Que Sera Sera," embodying a profound message about life's uncertainties. Tejas Vora, an esteemed artist at mQube, intertwines mesmerizing lyrics with the authentic stories of life's struggles, igniting an instant fire within the minds of listeners.

With a flawless composition, impassioned vocals, and profound lyrics, this song takes on a whole new level of brilliance. The collaborative efforts of various artists at mQube enhance the storytelling aspect, creating an unparalleled entertainment experience. As a result, Joyu Jashe stands out as an exceptional Gujarati Rock composition, solidifying its place among the most unique songs of its time.

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